Wednesday, September 3, 2008

...VaCaTiOn... Part One

My husband was talking to a fellow worker, and mentioned how, shall we say, TRYING, our vacation was...His fellow worker said it never gets any easier.

It was challenging yes, but well worth it. Our Dear Son is turning 3 in December. Right now he is an emotional firecracker. Could it be hormones? Some sort of surge of testosterone in his little body that is making him an emotional wreck? His favorite phrase right now is "I sad." He goes from happy one minute to crumpling on the floor in tears the next. Now, I don't want him to throw fits, and he gets in trouble, but good grief! it never ends. Little monkey.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are about a million of them! (Words that is...)

Little LaLa at a pit stop-

So happy that Mommy fed her?
Or joy bubbling over because of where we stopped? (Oh wait that was me...)
Yes a little coffee can brighten any day. (I know that's not coffee. I only had a picture of that though!)

The drive there went OK. Many stops. Some crying. I had a great idea to get my Dear Son a new car seat, one of those booster type ones. It still has a back to it, but it is so upright it was hard for him to fall asleep in it. Doy. Brilliant Idea flops. Much crying took place before the sleep fairies visited us. But finally we arrived at our destination.


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