Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Creations- Plush Blankets

I finished these blankets yesterday! I love them. The patters just make me drool, and they are lined with the SOFTEST fluff ever. They will soon have coordinating onesies and burp cloths. I also completed a small Snugglie in the green and brown- a little lovey for your sweet one to hold. I will be making one in the pink and brown soon also. The green and brown is my "Autumn Limes" collection. This pink and brown is my new "Eden" collection!

Autumn Limes Plush Stroller Blanket-
The Eden Collection Plush Stroller Blanket-

These will soon be available for purchase on my website, if you are interested in them before I manage to post them, just contact me!


Violet said...

I love them! They look so cuddly and the fabrics are beautiful.

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh...I want that brown and pink one! :) Very beautiful!!

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