Friday, February 27, 2009

Fabulous Finds Friday! {Under $10}

Hello my friends! Welcome to another Fabulous Finds Friday! Each item here is under $10.00. I know most of us are on budgets...and I want to share some finds with you that you could actually snag for yourself, rather than just dream about!

First off, this skirt- It Does Not Get Any CUTER!!! I found this pattern listing on Etsy, and I feel that I must have it!!! (Note, this is a pattern listing, not an actual skirt! 'Cause getting the skirt, already made, for under $10? That would be a miracle!)

Next we have this Adorable headband. It's only $6, and I think I would rather buy it than make it. Sometimes you just want to treat yourself, know what I mean? This one is an adults headband, and they make little girl's ones too!

This Charm is striking! All you would have to do is string it on a chain, and you have a one-of-a-kind necklace. No additional embellishments needed. I love it.

And then there are these simple and stylish earrings. They are made by an etsy-er in Hawaii, and my mind has been hooked on summer an summer dreams lately.

What Fabulous Finds do you have to share with us?



Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Boy

This is My Boy. He is wild and sweet, tenderhearted and impetuous. When he was born my life was transformed. I fell in love with this new being whom I held in my arms. He is 3 1/4 years old now, and fills my everyday with energy, delight, and always some frustration on the side!
I wonder what he will do? Where he will go?
I pray for him everyday, for protection, for a heart that will always be sold out to God.
I pray for wisdom. Because some days I don't even know how to respond to him.
Right now I am watching him play with his trains. They are having conversations I don't think I can even begin to translate.
I love this photo. I love playing around with my pictures for a unique feel. This one seems to capture him in so many ways. It's from last summer. I think it's about time I print and frame this one, don't you?
In what ways have your children impacted your life? And if you don't have children, how has a child you know transformed you?
Joining Wordful Wednesday....

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Sordid Past with Mod Podge

Mod Podge and I have a history together. Not a warm-fuzzy-gives-me-tingles history, but one that makes me break out into a cold sweat.

Our oh-so-tangled past began when I was around the tender and impressionable age of 12 or 13. I went to the art store with my mom, on one of her frequent trips there. As a child I became very familiar with the art store. My mom is an Artist. A real one, with a capitol A. She paints watercolors, oils, acrylics, and oozes talent from every pore. ( You can meet her HERE)
I ramble.

We were strolling through the isles. I always enjoyed parts of these forays, when bored there was always the pen section- where you could test almost any of the markers or pens on the pad of paper supplied. We entered the glue isle, and it is here that the how and why's become a little blurry. I think I told my mom I would carry the Modge Podge for her. It was quite a large jar too- Super Sized Mod Podge. I trailed behind her, white goop in hand, when I guess I decided to toss it and catch it and walk at the same time. Except, I never got to the catching part.

I tossed the Mod Podge up into the air...and instead of landing in my outstretched hands, it landed on the carpeted floor. And exploded. White globby goo everywhere, seeping into a giant circle in the middle of the aisle. Soaking into the stores carpet.

I died. Right then and there. I was mortified. I, the child who wouldn't order my own food at a restaurant for fear of drawing attention to myself. I just made mixed-media-art out of that stores carpet.

I looked at my mom in horror. I think she must have seen the fear/humiliation/agony on my face, and the tears pooling in my eyes, because after we told the store clerk, she allowed me to wait in the car while she finished up in the store.

To this day, I still can not go in there. I don't know if it was a dream, or if I really did go in once, but in the back of my mind I can see a cloudy stain on the floor, the messy remains of my first Mod Podge encounter.

Only now, as a mom myself, do I realize how embarrassed my mom must have been. And I wonder, did she have to pay for my mess too?

Tonight I had flashbacks to that day. I was creating, and in the creating-zone, when I bumped my jar of Modge Podge and nearly sent it flying onto the floor. Thankfully, it only splattered the floor, and most of it got on my sons booster seat strapped to one of our chairs. My husband came over and helped me clean it up. He always says to let him do it, so that if the carpet gets ruined, he only has himself to blame. Did you know that hot water and shaving cream will clean almost anything off the carpet? And leaves it smelling good too. How? Don't ask. It is my husbands cure-all for any mess on the carpet. Dog threw up again? Shaving cream, of course. It kindof reminds me of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and the fathers obession with Windex. Whatever works, right?

Mod Podge disaster averted, and I think I can bring myself to open the jar again tomorrow and finish my project.
My husband just said "I know, you don't do this stuff to create stuff, you do it to get stories to write about. That's what you guys are really doing. You think 'I wonder what I can get my husband to clean up tonight'" and then he walked off rambling something like this (in a fake woman's voice) "My husband Modge Podged his butt to the toilet seat..."

You're right honey, that is EXACTLY why we do this stuff.
{Edited to add- Go visit my lovely Mother's blog and say hello!}

{Music Monday} and Giveaway WINNER!

This week I'm lovin' the music that Jimmy Needham makes. He has a great sound, and uplifting lyrics. His hit song "Forgiven and Loved" has been playing on the radio, and after hearing it, I had to download his album! Right now it is playing on my ipod through my stereo, and my 3 year old is dancing around the room to the tunes. I couldn't get "Forgiven and Loved" onto my playlist, so be sure to pop on over to his MySpace page, and you can listen to the whole album- for free! You don't need a myspace page to access it, just listen away.

Thank you all for entering the Fru-Fru Headband and Clippy Giveaway (and tutorial)! I hope you all make tons of these yourself. Did you see the comment from Heather? She said that you can find those clips that I REALLY wanted to use at Sally's Beauty- a large quantity for a low price! I don't know if it is a West Coast only store, but it is a discount hair supply product store. Maybe I will stick some Fru-Fru's in my shop soon? What do you all think? Imagine all the places you can clip these, besides baby headbands! How about your own hair? Go ahead, make a statement! And Amanda- I got the teeny tiny clippies at Target! (I love target...) Also, thank you to all of you who decided to jump up and down and lick your elbow for additional entries, I am highly amused imagining you all doing this.

Now what you have been waiting for.....

Drum roll please...

The winner is- Amanda @ Imperfectly Beautiful!! Congratulations!! And by the way, I peeked at your blog and see it is your Birthday, so double congratulations!!

Thank you for all your kind comments for me and my sick family! I had no voice this morning, but am improving as the day goes on. I am looking forward to wamer weather and well bodies! We are going on vacation to Hawaii in May, and I have been getting myself through this BLAH by dreaming of that. A girl has gotta have something to get her through, right?

I hope you all enjoy the music of Jimmy Needham this week!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I was abducted by aliens...

Little germ Aliens...

They have taken over my body and my house! We all got sick this week, hence the silence over here in blogworld. Alas! No Fabulous Finds or creative posts! Can you ever forgive me?

Today I tucked my son in for his nap. He said to me "I got the germ. It came in my mouth and went down my throat..down here by my cheek, and went to the middle, and then this side, and then up into my mouth, and my teeth..." Now is where he really started to ramble. Because he mentioned his teeth. This got him thinking. "And my teeth got bigger, cause the dentist painted them..." We had floride painted on them a few months ago at his first dental visit. A fasination to be sure. His little mind continued spinning, and his rambling went on for a moment, until I said goodnight. Silly boy! Oh to be inside that mind and hear all the things he thinks! He makes me laugh. Right now I am listening to him in the tub, and he is singing a song with the rubber duckeys he is playing with.

I will return next week with much more energy, and hopefully some fun to share with you all!

Fighting Germ Warfare...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fru-Fru Flower Headband Tutorial, Tiny Hair Clippy Tutorial, and a Giveaway!

Hello Bloggy Friends!
I want to give you a photo tutorial to show you how to make an oh-so-fashionable boutique style little girls headband. They are all the rage right now, these fancy pants headbands with GIANT fru-fru flowers adorning them. I also want to show you how to add a little pizazz to those cute tiny little baby hair clippies out there. These are super inexpensive to make, so before you go out and buy one, try your hand at making one yourself!
What you will need-
Silk flowers. I picked mine up at the Dollar Tree. For, of course, a dollar!
Scrapbooking flowers.
Trusty Hot Glue Gun.
Sequins and jewels.
Tiny alligator hair clips.
Large alligator hair clips.
Pack of headbands.

Remove all the plastic from the flowers you will be using. It's easy, just pull it off!
Seperate all the layers of the flowers
There is more plastic hiding inside. Remove this also.
Bake a chicken ceaser pizza while crafting. Make sure to eat it later when you blog.
I used a silk flower petal for a base on my flowers. I have lots left over from Valentines day wreaths. (Petals, also from the $$ Store.)
Put a dollop of glue onto the petal, or whatever you use for a base.
Doesn't my glue gun look pretty with all the red fuzz all over it? Hah.
Glue down the first layer of the flower you are starting with. I decided to go with 2 white ones.
Add more glue. (Hello again Old Faithful!)
Layer your next flower selection. I went with 2 layers of pink.
Rescue suicidal flower that dove off of counter into dog's water dish.
(I promise I did not use this one in my finished product.)
I chose two smaller pink flowers for the center. Add another dab of glue-
I decided on a jewel for the center of this one
Stick on jewel!
I really wanted a clip like this for my flowers, but didn't find any when I was at the store awhile back...
This one belongs to this cute flower clippy that I got in Hawaii in '07.
I settled for this alligaror clip-
Flip your completed flower over, and apply a line of glue to it-
Set alligator clip onto glue
I added some glue to both ends of the clip to make it more secure

I then added more glue to the clip sides
I took the sides of the petal and wrapped them over the clip. Tried to get an "action" shot but I proceeded to hot glue my fingers in the process. Note to self, don't focus so much on camera when dealing with HOT glue...
Now all you have to do is clip it onto a headband! Below are a couple that are from the hair section at the grocery store. Believe it or not, they fit on a babys head! If it is too big, just take it in a little bit at the seam. Another thing I have done- is cut off the leg from a pair of baby tights, and sew the ends together into a circle, and viola! A headband!
You could also use a cute baby headband you already have! This one LaLa got from her Nana for her birthday. It's super cute alone too!
Clip it on! By the way, I wouldn't use grey with this flower, but I already used my white ones.
Removable, interchangeable!
Here are a couple other ones I have made-
Now onto the fancy baby hair clippies!
What you will use-
Put a tiny little dab of hot glue onto the end of the clip-
Stick on your choice of little flower- mine is a fabric scrapbooking one
Add more glue
I layered a pink paper flower to the center.
And, yet some more glue-
(Old Faithful is really getting a workout today...)
I then topped it off with a pink sequin!
For a simply elegant look, just glue a single jewel onto a clip
What a cute pair they make!
If LaLa wasn't napping, I would have her model for you! I put her hair up into a tiny ponytail that sticks straight up, and then clip one on below the hair tie.
By the way, the embellishments might come off, and if they do, just re-glue!
So there you have it, a set of pretty fancy little clippies, and a fru-fru flower ready for any headband!

And because I love all my bloggy readers. I am giving this set away! (Headband not included, 'cause I am out of those.) You will get the giant fru-fru flower minus headband, and the set of little clippies shown here. I haven't ever made any for my shop because I am a little nervous about the liability issues. So, if you enter, please know you are taking responsibility for your child's safety. Always check items to make sure they are secure, and don't leave your baby alone with them. Deal? =)

Leave me a comment to enter! And if you can jump up and down while licking your elbow, I will give you another entry! Hehe. Giveaway ends Sunday night. Open to US and Canada shipping addresses.

I have to go pick the hot glue off my fingers now,


Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Girl! And {Music Monday}

Our music for today? Lenka. Lighthearted, fun sound, all around a good time! I have added the playlist to my side column this week so you can listen while you visit. If you click on her name you can vsit her website. I picked her CD up off of Itunes, I love it!
It's here. Today. It not possible! But it's here. My Baby Girl's Birthday! She's one year old, and it just doesn't seem possible. How did time fly by so fast? It's a celebration, but it's also emotional. She is no longer a little baby. Oh, she is a baby in a one-year-old sense, but a tiny infant no longer.
LaLa, you are precious, adorable, fun, funny...You make us laugh with your little chatters and your funny walk. You bring us to tears with your hugs. We love watching you grow, we love every moment with you. Happy Birthday Little Girl!!!

We had her party on Saturday, and it was great! I decorated my chandelier with curled ribbon, and it turned out so cute! I added curled ribbon to everything. I made some cupcake banners with glitter on top, and hung streamers everywhere. Our friends and family came and we were blessed by their presence! We had a great time. The house is still a mess, and we are having our little family party tonight. So the menu this time? Frozen Pizza. I know, totally gourmet! I might make some more (much simpler) cupcakes though.

I wore this cute little apron that I bought at the antique store for $4, and appliqued a cupcake onto it. I threw it over a skirt (which later became jeans due to all the little kids I had to step over, if you know what I mean...) and wore my cupcake T from Target. The skirt and apron had a 50's look, so of course I tossed on my LARGE pears. (Of course they are real , 'cause like, I have a million dollars.) And, to top it off, I was barefoot! I had NO shoes that went with it! Kindof silly I know, but it was all last minute.

LaLa now has a collection of babydolls, quite wonderful considering she always plays with her brothers hotwheels. It is time to teach her about girly toys! Tonight (SHHHHH, DON'T LET HER HEAR!!!) She gets a cute little baby tea set!

Oh, and she loved smooshing her purple frosting! I will show you more pictures tomorrow, I especially want to get photos of the cupcake banner. And more photos of HER of course! I'm off to clean the house, go to the store, and do all my crazy stuff to get ready for tonight!

Happy Birthday Baby Buns!

Mommy. (Aka Megan)

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