Thursday, August 28, 2008


I prayed for these gifts that the Lord has given me. And with these precious gifts come dirty diapers, messy houses, short tempers, stacks of dishes, piles of laundry, and so much more.

As I showered this morning, I felt the Lord speak this to my heart- Do everything as unto the Lord. I don’t complain about changing diapers, they don’t bother me. But do I rejoice when I change them? I know you may be thinking I am going way to far here, but hear me out. God has given me a reason to rejoice while cleaning up the mess, the stink, the laundry. Because the reason I have those things is my children and family, my gifts from God. They are what I prayed for, hoped for, cried for. I know there are MANY people who would give anything to have these dirty diapers, the little butts to wipe. They would give anything to have their houses christened with chaos. They would rejoice in the laundry to do, the dishes to clean. Because all those things are a result of my family. If I didn’t have them, then I wouldn’t have the mess. (Ok, for those of you who know me, yes, I would have a mess. But it would be a different type of mess and that’s not the point.)

And so, I hear deep in my heart- Do EVERYTHING as unto the Lord. And so I will try. I will thank the Lord each time I change a diaper. I will praise him when I am up for middle of the night feedings. I will smile and not groan when I hear “I have to go potty!!“ at the most inconvenient of times. I will rejoice (oh my) when I attack those dishes and all that laundry.

Because as strange as it sounds it is a praise offering to Him. Because he has blessed me above and beyond.

And I praise him for that.


karla said...

Hi Megan!

What a wonderful way of looking at things - I've never thought of it that way before but will definitely try to remember next time I'm getting steamed over a sink of dishes and a repair to make on the house I always wanted that this is the life I'd always hoped for :) It's so nice to hear (read?) your voice! My mom sent me a link to your blog - your little ones are just precious and the things you've been sewing are absolutely adorable!


megan said...

Thank you Karla! You encouraged me. Right now I am listening to my daughter cry upstairs...she is sick and my husband is trying to put her to bed, and it is just heart wrenching! I could do nothing else for her, and am at the point of exhaustion. But this is the life I hoped for too, and it's just one evening and will be over soon! Take care, I hope to "talk" with you more! =)

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