Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is Major Tom to Ground Control...!

I'm here! I'm so sorry to be MIA.

-I went on an amazing women's retreat this weekend held in Leavenworth WA. More on that soon. I promise.
-I've been working on some creations for an upcoming fair in Almira WA on Saturday. More on that too! I'll post pics of the event.
-I made some new designs for boys, and they are SO so SO exciting!
-I have a dream for my business that I would like to share with you, but need time to be able to blog about it.
-And to top it off, the kiddos are SICK. Runny nose, sore throat, up all night, cry if I put them down sick. So life seems to be on pause as we try to overcome!

Keep checking in, Please!! I'm here, I will catch up on my blogging soon.

Climbing out from under a pile of Kleenex,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eden Onesie

I'm so excited about this new design and collection!!! It's the Eden collection (named after a certain baby I adore). The brown is so deep, and the pink has a certain tone to it that is so warm. Bundle your little Autumn Bean in this! The wonder of a onesie- don't hide it under her clothes, layer this one-of-a-kind creation over a pink or brown long sleeved onesie, pair it with pants, a skirt and leggings, or your fav babylegs and you are good to go!! This will be featured soon on my website, but if you can't wait, make a onesie purchase on my site and when you are ready to check out put "Eden Collection Flower Onesie" in the notes to seller box, and list the size you want! Whew! Was that a run on or what? But when you are typing one handed with a baby on your hip you do what you gotta do! =)

Close up of front design-
Full view of front-
As always I've topped it off with a design on the bum!

New Creations- Plush Blankets

I finished these blankets yesterday! I love them. The patters just make me drool, and they are lined with the SOFTEST fluff ever. They will soon have coordinating onesies and burp cloths. I also completed a small Snugglie in the green and brown- a little lovey for your sweet one to hold. I will be making one in the pink and brown soon also. The green and brown is my "Autumn Limes" collection. This pink and brown is my new "Eden" collection!

Autumn Limes Plush Stroller Blanket-
The Eden Collection Plush Stroller Blanket-

These will soon be available for purchase on my website, if you are interested in them before I manage to post them, just contact me!

Friday, September 5, 2008


she makes me happy
she brings me such joy
she is sunshine on my heart
and warmth in my arms

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

...VaCaTiOn... Part Three

The infamous "I sad" face captured on camera...
But She's happy!!!
Sigh. I love it here.
Sweet sandy toes-
Little LaLa sets her toesies in the sand-
We had a good time when our Dear Son wasn't facing the end of the world. I still can't figure out how it was that he was chasing waves one day, and the next sobbing if he even looked at the ocean. A phenomenon to be sure. But we really did have a good time. This was our first vacation with two kids. I think we have passed the learning curve now!
We returned from vacation and were glad to be home! Oh for the days gone by when vacation meant relaxing. When we got home the kids got sick! We are just now recovering. I have had no time to blog or create. I will be catching up here soon.

...VaCaTiOn... Part Two

Here at last. We took a walk and stopped to smell the flowers-

This is the fireplace mantle in out room. It was so cute! We stayed at this lovely place last October and fell in love with it. It is called the Hidden Villa. SO so SO sweet! Last year we stayed in one that was blue and white themed and we have since used that color scheme in our bedroom. (Some magical day when its clean maybe I will give you a peek.) This room was so unique. I can't even describe it. They are small one bedroom units that are a few blocks from the ocean. Their price is incredible- they are so beautifully decorated and yet affordable! The time the owners have put into each one is obvious. I am raving, but it is well deserved. Pictures don't do them justice. Love. So again, the fireplace mantle-

Our room number-

Dear Son helping Daddy unload-
And off to the beach!

...VaCaTiOn... Part One

My husband was talking to a fellow worker, and mentioned how, shall we say, TRYING, our vacation was...His fellow worker said it never gets any easier.

It was challenging yes, but well worth it. Our Dear Son is turning 3 in December. Right now he is an emotional firecracker. Could it be hormones? Some sort of surge of testosterone in his little body that is making him an emotional wreck? His favorite phrase right now is "I sad." He goes from happy one minute to crumpling on the floor in tears the next. Now, I don't want him to throw fits, and he gets in trouble, but good grief! it never ends. Little monkey.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are about a million of them! (Words that is...)

Little LaLa at a pit stop-

So happy that Mommy fed her?
Or joy bubbling over because of where we stopped? (Oh wait that was me...)
Yes a little coffee can brighten any day. (I know that's not coffee. I only had a picture of that though!)

The drive there went OK. Many stops. Some crying. I had a great idea to get my Dear Son a new car seat, one of those booster type ones. It still has a back to it, but it is so upright it was hard for him to fall asleep in it. Doy. Brilliant Idea flops. Much crying took place before the sleep fairies visited us. But finally we arrived at our destination.

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