Wednesday, September 3, 2008

...VaCaTiOn... Part Three

The infamous "I sad" face captured on camera...
But She's happy!!!
Sigh. I love it here.
Sweet sandy toes-
Little LaLa sets her toesies in the sand-
We had a good time when our Dear Son wasn't facing the end of the world. I still can't figure out how it was that he was chasing waves one day, and the next sobbing if he even looked at the ocean. A phenomenon to be sure. But we really did have a good time. This was our first vacation with two kids. I think we have passed the learning curve now!
We returned from vacation and were glad to be home! Oh for the days gone by when vacation meant relaxing. When we got home the kids got sick! We are just now recovering. I have had no time to blog or create. I will be catching up here soon.


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