Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Did you just call me Skillfully Delicious?"

(Jack Frost talking to the Legendary Figures Council in Santa Clause 3)

My challenge, if you care to join me, is to title every one of my posts up until Christmas with either a quote from a Christmas movie, or Christmas song. I might have to deviate when I post about my business, but then again, I may not.

I digress...

I went to two shops yesterday, an antique store and a store called the "Vintage Vault." I did not go Black Friday shopping, though I would have liked to, but I did manage to get out of the house for a bit for this little venture. And Oh and I'm glad I did! Eye Candy for the Soul...

Definitely Skillfully Delicious.

Everything was color coordinated. And sparkly! And yes, that was an upside down Christms tree.

Welcome Christmas!

Feeling Merry and Bright,


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Last Words Before a Turkey-Stuffing-Potato Inspired Coma

I forgot to post these pictures of a post card I found at the antique store the other day. It is special because of the word "Violets" on it. This is a name that is found in our family, so I had to get it. I plan on framing it. It is from 1910!

The back of the postcard has the date postmarked on it. The letter is from a lady who seems to be corresponding with a friend, telling her she hopes they can visit soon.

It seems special to be able to peek into the past like this. It leaves me wondering about the writer.

I wonder what things I will leave behind for others to find? Hopefully whatever those things are, they will bring smiles and joy to those around them.

Going to Gobble,


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Tiny Apron, 3 Year Old Conversations, and The Crud

A Tiny Apron:

First let me introduce to you this little baby apron I made for LaLa to wear on Thanksgiving. Because she needs to get in on the baking too, doncha know?

I will have to get a picture of it ON her next. It came out pretty cute, wouldn't you say? Next I hope to get one made for my son to wear. Without ruffles. Or pink.

On to the 3 Year Old Conversations:

The other day my dear son was playing with his cars. (An hourly occurrence here) He was having a little conversation with them that went something like this:

"Hi what's your name."

"My name is race car." (of course, because it IS a race car. so what else would it's name be??)

"Hi race car. I'm going to pass you by."

"Ok, pass me by!"

That one cracked me up. Another one was between he and I. I had him in the car, and LaLa was at home with daddy. I told my Dear Son that we were going on a date together. (We were headed to the library and then Starbucks).

Me: "Hey we are going on a date!"

Him: "A date Mama?"

Me: "Yep!"

Him: "What is date Mama?"

Me: "This, you and me together without LaLa or Daddy"

Him: "I don't see the date. Where the date Mama?"

Me: "This is the date, me and you together."

Him: "Where date go? I don't see the date!"

This continued back and forth..this is the date...I don't see the date...till I finally said:

"Ok, there is no date. Do you want to go to the library and Starbucks with me?"


Him: "Where the date go Mama???

Obviously I didn't explain that one to him very well!

The Crud.

We have what my dad calls "The Crud." I'd say that defines it pretty well, but let me explain just in case- we are sick. If I were to define it I would say the flu with out the throwing up part. It started with LaLa. I hate it when my kids get sick, and it's doubly sad when it is the baby. Then it hit me, then Dear Son, and lastly Dear Husband. Now Dear Husband seems to be fending it off pretty well, but boy has it got me. Fever, chills, stuffed head, sore throat, blah. I am glad we got it before Thanksgiving, hopefully it will be gone by then! Begone Thou Crud!


If you love fabric like I do, go check out Bee Square Fabrics. She has tons of delish designs to choose from! And a really nifty new website. Go shop!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wanna go for a walk with me?

Today we went for a walk in the you want to come along?
We saw an airplane
And Ran really fast!
The sun began to set

Casting an afternoon glow.

Little LaLa squealed while watching her Brother run so fast
Hey We found You!!!

Thank you for taking a walk with us.
We took a little Autumn walk this afternoon. The air was crisp, spirits were high, and the sun was shining its last rays on us.
I had fun taking pictures, but had to put the camera away when I asked my Dear Son "Do you want to walk with me and hold my hand?" "Yes." He said. And I knew then, these moments wont last long. My little boy will want to start acting like a man soon, and one day will blush at the thought of holding his mom's hand. So I zipped up the camera, took his little hand in mine, and we strolled down the path.
His little boy hands...3 years old...and I cannot imagine life without those hands. Sometimes sticky with peanut butter, or grimy with dirt. Lining hotwheels up in a row to 'park' them. Stacking paper towel rolls high in the kitchen. Reaching out to hug his baby sister and pat her on the head.
As we walked up the path on our way home I asked if he wanted to sing me a song. So he began to sing, making it up as we walked along "look at the falls down from leaves..." And then the classic he made up at the beginning of the year "Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Look at the snow and the rain!"
Little LaLa rode shotgun on my hip, squealing at the top of her lungs as her brother ran ahead. Crinkling her little nose in 'that' smile filled with joy.
Its a good life.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Procrastination and Helping Orphans

Both kids are napping...

I should be making something...

I should be cleaning...

I should be productive...

but what fun would that be?

I got something cool in the mail today- a tote bag. Why is it cool you ask? Because it is sent out by the Amani Life Project. This is a foundation that is supporting orphaned girls so that they can go to college. Did you know that there are 143,000,000, orphans in our world? The Amani (yep, sounds like armani but without the R) Life Project is striving to help orphan girls go to college. Want to know more? Go HERE. You can also visit Bo's blog (the founder of Amani) HERE. (Bo's blog is a collection of deep thoughts, random thoughts, and passion for God and Orphans. And she really cracks me up. See her recent posts on food poisoning, and the one with pictures of Christmas ornaments that should not be). I know that the economy is nuts, and this is a crazy busy expensive season, but if you feel in your heart that you want to contribute to this cause, it is only a $10 a month donation. And you can get a nifty tote like me. =)

Thankful for those who help the hurting ones,


Friday, November 14, 2008

LaLa's Hat

I got out of the house yesterday and since the baby was exploding and my Dear Son was ready for a nap, we stopped at Grandmas to recoup. (After eating lunch at Olive Garden with her and Grandpa!) While my Dear Son napped, and when little LaLa decided to nap also, my mom and I dug into her felting supply.
After flipping through a book looking at some ideas for felted flowers, we decided to make LaLa a hat. We used the sleeves of a creamy sweater shrunk for felting. We lined the inside with the sleeves of a long sleeved shirt that Grandma doesn't wear anymore. And viola! A hat! We then each made a felted/mixed media pin for it, and plan to make more. The cream hat and interchangeable pins make it something she can wear with anything! And it's SUPER warm!

So here is the hat with the pin I made. I cut out a felt flower, and felt flower center. I then did a little needle felting and needle felted the light pink and light purple fibers onto the flower. I gathered a ribbon with thread, and then sewed it all together topping it off with a crystal bead. So sweet!

The flower my mom made is more vintage. It consists of two swirls of felt, and then she used parts of a doily for the leaves. She topped it off with a button. All thrift store finds!

So there you have it, LaLa's new hat. Next we need a red flower for Christmas!!



Another contest!

I am posting about the quilt giveaway at the Old Red Barn Co!! I love her quilts and she is giving away 3! I admit my favorite is the 3rd one! It uses some of my favorite fabric! But they are all so beautiful! Go check them out! You can follow the button on my sidebar!
Cheers and Crossed Fingers,

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