Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some days I want to throw a tantrum too!

I went to Costco today to pick up our Christmas photo cards...towing the little 22 month old and 4 year old by hand.

I thought, NO, I don't need a cart. I'm just picking up pictures!

I was wrong.

Wrong. Wrong. WRONG.

Warning: Always get a cart at Costco if you have little people with you. In fact, it's COSTCO. So just get a cart. Period.

We were doing okay after the photo pick up, so we ventured over to the movies. Then we got an idea for Daddy's Christmas gift, so we took our 2 movies we picked out, and went to another area (which must remain a secret). By this time, things were starting to get a little, uh, difficult.

Barely making it to check out, a kid in each hand, a video in each kids hand, and a secret present under my arm, we are slowly crumbling. Kid drops movie. Mommy picks up movie. Other kid drops movie. Mommy picks up movie. Youngest kid drops self onto floor. Mommy pulls up youngest. Repeat.

At the checkout, the youngest decides to completely collapse on the floor. The lovely box lady offers to put her in the spare cart that happens to be there. YES PLEASE! Youngest starts screaming head off now that she is picked up to stranger.

Apology from me to nice lady stranger. Telling youngest under my breath "See, if you throw a fit, I'll let a stranger pick you up." Of course, she has no idea what I'm saying.

We proceeded to the checkout with youngest screaming her head off, stiff as a board, as I force her into the cart seat and buckle her. My son is trying to ride on the bottom shelf of the cart.


I swore to myself I'd never let my child scream in a store. So much for that resolution! She's under 2...not much I can do there.

I'm sure we made a lovely Holiday scene. ;)

Both children are napping now, and I am going to regain my sanity! Thank you for joining me in my little moment of insanity. May your day be truly merry and bright!

Enjoying the silence,


saffiertje said...

Thanx for your comment on my blog... Santa clause is not in for christmas in our house... That's what we had with sinterklaas.... So no presents for xmas! We will try to put the story about christ coming into this world central with xmas in our family. It's already have been present time at sinterklaas, so no more presents two or three weeks later....
Busy time for aal of you who do xmas present! Hope you all have fun and a blessed xmas time!



Violet said...

We should have photos of these moments, now that would be an interesting Christmas card!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Bless your heart! I think every mother on the planet has been there a time or two...or fifty! Your descriptions had me doubling over with laughter...not at you, but with you I'm sure.

Thank the good Lord above for naptime!

I was so glad to see you're back. I missed you! Hope all is well. Drop me a line sometime...let's talk.

Love ya


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