Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm going insane!

I love my son.

He is wonderful, smart, funny, cute...the list goes on and on.

But sometimes? Sometimes he drives me absolutely i.n.s.a.n.e.

Currently, he is in bed, NOT napping. He is singing, yodeling, bouncing, and being a miniature wild-man.


But no matter what he does, I will always, ALWAYS love him. Deeply. Truly. Madly.

Just for a moment, I ask you to sit and soak up this thought- This is how God loves you. This and more. Bigger. Longer. Deeper. Forever.

Even if you don't believe, take a moment to contemplate that. Wouldn't you love to be loved like that? And even if you don't believe, I tell you this- you ARE.

Just sayin. ;)

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,
His mercies NEVER come to an end;
they are new every morning;
great is Your faithfulness.
"The Lord is my portion," says my soul,
"therefore I will hope in Him."
The Lord is good to those who wait for Him,
to the soul who seeks Him.
Lamentations 3:22-25 NIV

May His steadfast love envelop you today,



Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

Oh, I totally relate to that kind of a naptime. Benjamin does the very same. But, I love him anyway! I love the end of your post. Isn't it amazing that we can't even grasp God's love for us?!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

I laughed out loud when i read about your 'napping' son. My children are grown and gone now, but I can remember how they did the same thing. (blink and they are 10, blink again and they are 20) I know they can drive you nuts, but it just made me smile. And the very powerful message at the end of your post - i sent it to my two grown daughters just now. thanks.

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