Monday, February 23, 2009

{Music Monday} and Giveaway WINNER!

This week I'm lovin' the music that Jimmy Needham makes. He has a great sound, and uplifting lyrics. His hit song "Forgiven and Loved" has been playing on the radio, and after hearing it, I had to download his album! Right now it is playing on my ipod through my stereo, and my 3 year old is dancing around the room to the tunes. I couldn't get "Forgiven and Loved" onto my playlist, so be sure to pop on over to his MySpace page, and you can listen to the whole album- for free! You don't need a myspace page to access it, just listen away.

Thank you all for entering the Fru-Fru Headband and Clippy Giveaway (and tutorial)! I hope you all make tons of these yourself. Did you see the comment from Heather? She said that you can find those clips that I REALLY wanted to use at Sally's Beauty- a large quantity for a low price! I don't know if it is a West Coast only store, but it is a discount hair supply product store. Maybe I will stick some Fru-Fru's in my shop soon? What do you all think? Imagine all the places you can clip these, besides baby headbands! How about your own hair? Go ahead, make a statement! And Amanda- I got the teeny tiny clippies at Target! (I love target...) Also, thank you to all of you who decided to jump up and down and lick your elbow for additional entries, I am highly amused imagining you all doing this.

Now what you have been waiting for.....

Drum roll please...

The winner is- Amanda @ Imperfectly Beautiful!! Congratulations!! And by the way, I peeked at your blog and see it is your Birthday, so double congratulations!!

Thank you for all your kind comments for me and my sick family! I had no voice this morning, but am improving as the day goes on. I am looking forward to wamer weather and well bodies! We are going on vacation to Hawaii in May, and I have been getting myself through this BLAH by dreaming of that. A girl has gotta have something to get her through, right?

I hope you all enjoy the music of Jimmy Needham this week!


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

What? Are you kidding me? I am tickled pink that I won some of your adorable stuff. Seriously, I am jumping up and down...AND licking my elbow at this very moment...and typing. Yep...I'm multi talented like that! Thanks so much Meagn!

LYLAS ~ Amanda

Violet said...

No ... I didn't go back to that store for a while : ) It could have happened to anyone though! (Remember that when one of your kids has an accident in a store... : ) and I think talent oozes out of your pores too!!!

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