Thursday, February 5, 2009

{DIY} Delightful Floral Gifts!

It doesn't get any easier (or cheaper!!) than this!!
Instead of giving your next bouquet of flowers in the plastic sac you got from the store, and instead of buying one of the more expensive vases they offer you at the same said store or florist, why not give something more original, charming, and inexpensive??

It's easy-peasy, low cost, and might even compete with those lovely flowers you bought

Decorate your own vase! Let me break it down for you-
Vase- $1 at dollar store (a dollar!! one dinero!! a buck! 99 cents plus a penny!!) I snagged this with gleeful joy and evil laughter at such a steal. I spotted their FLAT-ness, and knew they would be perfect

Scrapbooking paper- In your craft stash. You can also use wallpaper, wrapping paper, magazine pages, have your kids color on computer paper, endless possibilities!

Scrapbooking elements- Again, in your stash. There are also lots of little goodies at the dollar store. Think outside the box of what you could use/combine/spruce up. Or you can spend a little more cash and shop the craft store. I warn you though, do that and this will no longer be an inexpensive project! Unless you have superhuman strength and can resist all things pretty and crafty. And that would be pretty crafty of you. (Drum roll please).

Glue- Use something a little stronger than a glue stick. After my first vase, I pulled out the hot glue gun, as I didn't have to wait for that to dry.
Ribbon- Go simple, or go wild, thin or fat, whatever floats your boat!

Glitter- this needs no explanation from me.

Embellishments- that tickle your fancy; sequins, gems, beads, etc.
Ready, set, GO!
Cut a strip of paper to wrap around the vase. Glue it in place. If you are not using hot glue, then (as my not only HANDSOME but BRILLIANT husband suggested to me) stick a rubber band around it to hold it until it dries. I pulled out my hairband, because no rubber band would come when I called to them. (Disobedient buggers.)

Embellish the front of your vase.

I use some chipboard elements on one of these, which I sanded (it didn't originally match) an then rubbed on an ink pad. I glued paper behind the chipboard frame, and then added the baby letters. Add some glitter, ribbon, and glintz, and this one is just waiting for a certain friend to go into labor. (She is due in 2 days. Eviction notice has been served to the little bean.)

On another, I cut out 3 hearts and grouped them, and then framed on with a little plastic scrapbook element. Added glitter (duh) and some other fun elements, and tied ribbon around the neck of the vase.

On the white one I used wallpaper for the background. I cannot take credit for the brilliance of the wallpaper. My mom found a GIANT roll at the hardware store for 50CENTS. Yes, you heard me right people. FIFTY CENTS.
We have numerous other craft ideas up our sleeves for this spectacular find, and you will all get a chance to see some more soon. I then took a little free hand Eiffel tower cut out, made from the same wallpaper, and rubbed it on a black stamp pad. Added some spray-adhesive (I'm such a pro now) and some glitter, and glued it onto the vase.
Tied some ribbon on (the velvet and pearl ribbon is ALSO from the dollar store. I know. Gasp. I faint.), stuck some little silk flowers under the ribbon, and viola! I whipped this one up for this post so you could see one with a different look. Think wedding, shabby chic, etc.
And there you have it! I am going to make some with a more general "friend" theme to have on hand for those last minutes flower-gifts. By the way, I stuck silk flowers in from the dollar store in these for the photos. I believe I have read that it is faux paus to have silk flowers as a decoration, but these look pretty stinkin cute to me. And if you add glitter to the petals? Beautiful. What about sticking some silk flowers in with some real ones? I think that would be really different and fun.

If you make some, show me, I would love to see!

I need to get me some flowers now...


grey like snuffie said... the wedding one with that amazing white wallpaper. I think you need to have an archive of your crafty projects so I can come back quickly and find them--labeled: for future needs. :) Maybe you already have them saved that way. This is the kind of help I need! God made you beautifully wonderful!

grey like snuffie said...

OH...RYC: I have thought the same thing...Mother Theresa was obedient...but to never hear His whispers of love more reassurance, no more comfort...just blind faith for 50 years...GLORY, I am not that strong.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Those are PRECIOUS! Have I told you that I think you are a genius? Well, I am and you there. The one with the eiffel tower is my fave! And the 50 cent wrapping paper...I'm jealous. It is so not fair that I made friends with my crafting twin who happens to live halfway across the country. NOT FAIR! Our crafting get togethers would be heaven. You know...with the 6 kids running circles around us and destroying the house and all. Good times.

I love ya girl!

p.s. Is that seriously the view from your back yard? GORGEOUS!

Sarah@VintageChic said...

Whoa Girl! This is so great!!!!! Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!

jenjen said...

Those are so cute! I love the Eiffel tower one! What a great idea!


Anonymous said...

How pretty!

Your blog is wonderful, I'll add it to my list of favorites.

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

These are beautiful vases. Thank you! I am going to try this! You are so talented.

Violet said...

A woman after my own heart : ) !

And actually that roll of wallpaper only cost me 25 cents! I love clearance racks. Those vases are so pretty!!! xoxo - Mom
PS I'm comin' over to play again!

Heather ~ Sugarplum Garters said...

you are AMAZING! thank you so much for sharing all your crafty ideas with us! i may need to make another trip to the dollar store for some vases... :o)

Martha said...

The vases look great! Perfect to give as a gift! Thanks!

~Sandy~ said...

what a wonderful and creative idea! also, just wanted to let you know that i got the star necklace yesterday in the mail...i love it and wore it today to a party! thanks again :O)

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