Thursday, February 12, 2009

{Fabulous Finds} Friday!!

Here it is, what you have all been waiting for, the first edition of {Fabulous Finds} Friday! Maybe we will hook up some Mr. Linky love in the future. If I ever figure that out.

So lets begin! Again, these are things that A) I Want, B) I Need (or think I need), or C) I have and love! It's a plethora of things that spark my fancy, and just might spark yours!

First off, one that I am the most excited to share with you all. It is an Etsy Shop called 5 Dollar French Market. It is addicting, fabulous, and an incredible concept. Everything in their store is FIVE DOLLARS!!! You heard me. And their shipping is very reasonable also! I am all over this idea. With the economy, jobs, and market the way they are, we all want our pretties, but sometimes they are just to costly for us to splurge. The only problem here is you may not be able to pick!

Here is what they say about their shop "...where you can browse through our lovely selection of French inspired items. All of our items are "tres chic!" and perfect for your very own Paris Apartment! So, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine you are strolling through the marketplace in the South of France!"

They have various items, many perfect for adding a special touch to your crafting, others just lovely to display in your home.

Here are some examples-

And these are on their way to MY home!-

Next I will tell you about something you all may have already seen and heard of. If not, you are going to want to get your hands on some of these! They are a great concept, and pair famously with (shameless plug) my onesies.

Babylegs- created to keep your little baby's legs warm. On infants they cover the whole leg. They are great to pair with a cute onesie, they keep legs warm for diaper changes on-the-go, they work as arm warmers on bigger kids or adults. They are cute fashionable leg warmers on little girls. I put them over LaLa's tights for extra warmth, I put them under her pants to keep her little legs warm (those little ankles always manage to peep out!), I layer them under snow clothes on both my kids, and they are recommended for potty training, so you don't have to rush to get those pants off as you try to get those little buns on the toilet!
Here is LaLa around 5 months old in her very first pair-

What seems to be a new fashion craze are Scrabble Tile Pendant necklaces. I really love these, and I think they would be really simple to make, so maybe a tutorial is in the makings. But for now, I snagged a few from two great shops, because I wasn't up to hunting down all the supplies and making my own. Although, I am thinking they would make wonderful easy gifts, simple to personalize for whoever you are giving them to.

From Its All About the Print I got this-

And I Got Squares traded me this-

Finally, I found TWO blogs that spin my fan-

Cupcakes Take the Cake is the first one. Although be warned, browsing this will leave you drooling for a cupcake, and all your New Years Resolutions might just go right out the window! I came upon it searching for cupcake ideas on the web for LaLa's birthday.

The other one I found was Joy The Baker. She is young, funny, makes you want to eat chocolate, and you will wish she were your best friend or next door neighbor. Looking at the goodies she bakes up will make you laugh, and then make you cry, you will want to eat them so badly. I read her tips on making Cream Cheese Frosting for LaLa's cupcakes, her post on THIS Dark Chocolate Sorbet has inspired me to make it for LaLa's party also. I faint.

Enjoy discovering these Fabulous Finds for yourselves! (In no way do I get anything for telling you about these finds. In fact, none of them even know I am sharing about them on my blog! They are things that are too good to be kept secret!)

Feeling Fantastic,



grey like snuffie said...

I might try to see if I can type out the how to for Mr. took me 26 weeks of trying off and on before I finally figured it out. Reading directions is not my first strength. :) Those legging things are GREAT... Hope you have a grand celebration weekend!

Small House said...

Hey, thanks for the fabulous finds. I'm off to check out a few. Have a great day.

mel said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing the fabulous finds. I linked over to Joy the Baker, what a yummy blog!!!! WOW! Hope your party goes well and you have a great weekend! I am off to shop at your store. :)

(don't worry about leaving the two comments, I think I have done that a couple times too) :)

Jen r. said...

I just bought something from the 45 French flea market last week! Great other finds!

Heather ~ Sugarplum Garters said...

those baby legs are absolutely adorable! they remind me so much of the leg warmers i used to wear for ballet, except they're way better because they're cute and striped! do they actually stay up on chubby little legs?

i think i speak for everyone when i say that we can't wait for you to get some blank scrabble tiles of your own so we can see what you come up with! and maybe you can even give us a tutorial!!! :o)

wishing you a wonderful valentine's day with your three sweeties!

p.s. what on earth is mr. linky?!?

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

I love this post! What a great idea. I love love...Baby Legs! G-K also has some. Thank you for the great tips! I can't wait to see the pictures from Lala's birthday party, today. Hope you are having a wonderful time!

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