Sunday, December 14, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland/Christmas in the Northwest! Part 1

I am amazed by these pictures. I took them IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. There was a yellow glow cast by nearby lights reflecting off the clouds in the sky and the snow on the ground. I tried several times to capture the beautiful sight, and failed. Until I started to play with my camera. I set it on the "Starry Sky" setting, set the exposure on high, set it on the railing, and hit the button. I then left it there, not touching it or letting it move, and it counted to fifteen 2 times. It then took the picture, leaving the shutter wide open for a long period of time, thus soaking up all the light. The end result were these pictures! They are au naturel, no editing! They are only a bit brighter than it actually was, because of the exposure setting I put the camera on. These ones are getting framed!

Relishing the Glow,


Grace Kladnik said...

these are amazing!!!!! We will be in Seattle for Christmas and I am praying for snow!!!!

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