Friday, December 5, 2008

Feliz Navidad, Feliz Taco Salad...

First the Feliz-

I love Mexican food! After getting a positive recommendation from two sources- 1) My neighbors, and B) Kristen over at We Are THAT Family, I decided to venture forth and give the taco truck a try. It was good! I liked it a lot. But next time I think I might try beef instead of chicken. It seems like they used cubed chicken and shredded it but didn't do a very good job.

Meat and I have Issues. It must be well cooked, non chunky, and not scary. Really, that's not such a high standard is it?

I could eat Mexican every day, but it must be accompanied by a coke, IN THE BOTTLE. Not the can, nooooo way Jose, in the bottle. It has more fizz that way!

I'm NOT weird.

I promise.

So last night my husband got home from a long day at work, and I have the audacity to bat my eyes at him and ask "Can you get me a taco salad from my favorite restaurant?". And that angel of a man did just that. And it was good.
I sat here this afternoon eating leftover chips and soda from yesterday, enjoying myself. Until I bit one wrong and it stabbed the roof of my mouth! Argh. I hate that!
And now for something completely different-
My business is rather new, and my etsy shop is very new. I realize that it is too late to sell for Christmas, save a few items. I put on my thinking cap this morning, and realized that I need to prepare for Valentines Day and Spring!
I have only just entered Christmas! How can this be? It comes with the territory. So I am now having to do a mental shift. Oh I am still in full Christmas mode here at home, but in my sewing I am thinking ahead.
My question to you is-
What fashion trends do you see for spring and summer? And what do YOU think would be cute on my baby and toddler clothes? And what is your favorite meal?
Share your thoughts with me!
Still loving my Christmas tree, and last nights Taco Salad,


Carolina Mama said...

Hi and Welcome to Twitter! Looks like I am your first follow. :) I have to agree wholeheartedly, Coke in the bottle! As for the taco truck... not so much. Well, we don't even have them.

Taco salad - it's a good thing.

How was the Christmas party!?

Kelli said...

We LOVE Mexican food at our house too....I think we could eat it everyday {if I could figure out how to work in some green veggies and feel better about the kids eating it so much}! My four year old can eat as many tacos as me!!
I checked out your etsy store and it is SUPER cute! I love the Hammer Time onesie!

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