Thursday, December 18, 2008



I woke up this morning with anticipation in my heart. I had a present to open, and it was waiting for me on my computer- MY NEW BLOG DESIGN!!!

{{Jumping up and down like an Extreme Makeover contestant}}

I opened the laptop...
...I double clicked on the Internet tab...
..........I typed in my blog address..........


I am in love. I love it like I love my Grande Half-Decaf 6 Pump Vanilla No Foam Latte. I love it like I love my pink converse shoes. I love it like I love the Foot of Snow I woke up to this morning. I love it like I love fabulous fabric.


{Commercial announcer voice} This blog makeover was brought to you by Shauna from See My Designs. Shauna has a variety of blog makeover options to choose from. She is oh-so-talented, and a d.e.l.i.g.h.t. to work with. Go see her for some bloggin beauty, and be sure to keep her name in mind for any future happiness you might want to add to your blog.

Now, I mentioned the foot of snow I woke up to-

And I think my 10 Month Old's face really expresses how I feel about this phenomenon-

What a thrill! We don't get events like this very often in the Pacific Northwest. I think I spent 75% of my life as a child praying that it would snow. (And at times we did get some very good snow, I must have had the "snow prayer" figured out. *wink*)

Oh the joy eekeing from my being!

I am off to enjoy the snow. Today will be the day of PRICELESS photos, think of how high the snow will look with my 3 year old and 10 month old in it!

It really IS a Winter Wonderland!


****I also wanted to mentioned that my Etsy Shop is now FULLY stocked. Go visit for some baby goodness!! And the GIVEAWAY listed below is still open, go enter to win!!*******


grey like snuffie said...

This post just brought me such joy. I LOVE the picture of your little one. Have fun--it's good to know your connection on the snow prayer front. :)

klynch said...

wow love the snow love the pic of your little one and the reaction!

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh, it's lovely!!!! I adore it!! So cute, and the colors are perfect!!! Haha, when I clicked on your blog, I thought how cute is was... and then I read this post.. so happy for you!!!!!! Have fun in the snow!!


Connie Weiss said...

Your blog is lovely!

Glitter and Bliss said...

I'm so glad you found I found you. I am a follower of your beautiful blog too. I love you ETSY store, and your new blog design is the cutest!!! Love it!! I shall return...


Czarina said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :-)
Shauna is my bestest friend and I like to think I am her inspiration for her beautiful designs...well...ok maybe not inpsiration...but I make her laugh every now and then - so a little laughter may help contribute to her creative spirit.

Love your creations...God's blessed you with some amazing gifts as well.

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