Monday, August 25, 2008


First off I must confess that these are not the best of pictures, and I couldn't take any time to edit them, so they are really just fresh out of my camera. But I wanted to share some of the fabrics I have that I haven't made anything with yet, but are available for orders.

This first one is so cute, large flowers layered over chandelier sketchings- Below are some great fall fabrics. A 60's style floral with pink, brown, blue, and a few other colors- great for blankets, onesies, and burp cloths. Next is a green and brown stripe with limes- adorable for baby boys items. I have actually used it for a beautiful boys blanket that I need to photograph. Then I have a pink, brown, green and blue stripe for girls blankets or burp cloths, and perhaps some onesie designs. Finally I have a pink fabric with chandeliers sketched on it. It coordinates with the one above, and you can see the one above just a smidge here.
Here is a closer look at the chandelier and the stripe-
And finally, a headband I made for my daughter! I made it specifically for our vacation and then I FORGOT it!!! Oh the agony. This is also available for purchase for $12. It features a soft headband, a adorable fabric flower, and a sparkly button to top it off!
Stay tuned, more to come now that we are back from vacation!


Shel said...

I love your site! And the blogging is just great! I also like the headband you made for Bella Mae. So sweet! See you soon!

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