Saturday, January 17, 2009

To love all things...

I never did mention my New Years resolution, did I?

It is not to lose weight (I hope I do though), nor take up a new hobby (wouldn't you say I have ENOUGH of those?), it is not to keep my house cleaner (I would like a magical fairy for that one please), or to exercise (because that would take too much effort).

It is to love all things {CUPCAKE}. Oh my. I did a search on etsy for Cupcake items, and glory be, the yummy that I found!!

My first intention was to get ideas for my daughters 1st Birthday party that is coming up next month. (NO! She just can't be one!!! Make it stop!) Then as I browsed, I formulated my Resolution in my mind. Yes, this would take much work (sarcasm) to love all things cupcake. But, maybe, just maybe, I can do it.
As for my daughters birthday, I found this and ordered it-

I see it with a tutu, for her Birthday Photos.
And then I looked at THIS , Cupcake Fancy.

Cupcake Fluffy (Here)

Cupcake Happy (Here)

Cupcake Sparkly (Here)

And then the other day I came up with this for LaLa to wear (not in my shop yet, but will be soon)-

Ahhh. My cupcake fix for the day. Calorie free too! (Let it be known, I only bought the baby hat. I drooled profusely over the other items though.)
Now, my question to all of you- Can you help me find the best cupcake and frosting recipe ever? I want to somehow come up with some very unique fancy pants frosting idea. I picture yellow cupcakes with pink sprinkles in them for some pizazz, but how to do the tops? Maybe that mouldable frosting?
Show me some cupcake love!


grey like snuffie said...

How fun is that hat! I think it's so funny that Cupcakes seem to be SO IN---so many fun ideas....we even have some fancy books with AMAZING ideas. I have no doubt that you will come up with something fun...just make the glitter edible. :)

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

LOVE, love, love the hat! And with a tutu...perfection.

I also love to make cupcakes all dolled up. Not too much work...whole lotta cute! As I am highly opposed to bought frosting (it tastes like chemicals to me...yuck), I always make my own. Super easy...this will frost about 2 dozen. Melt half a stick of butter, add powdered sugar, a little milk, and a dash of vanilla and stir. Yes, these are my very precise directions. Sorry. You may have to add a little bit more of some of these. Just keep adding till you get the right consistency. You don't want it thin, but definitely not too stiff. Use one of those decorating tools with different attachments to pipe big thick swirly rings of frosting, from the outside of the cupcake working your way in. I also have found a wonderful food coloring made by Wilton just for icing. It is a concentrated paste and makes the most beautiful colors. They sell is at Hobby Lobby and have about 100 different colors to choose from. I don't usually bother with homemade cupcake batter. I think the box is just as good as anything I'd make. Betty Crocker vanilla cake mix is really good.

I apologize for my very lengthy comment. I guess I should have just e-mailed you, Megan!

Good Luck.

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

I adore the little cupcake shirt...that you made! SOOOO CUUUTEE! LOVE IT! I am also working on G-K's outfit for her birthday...isn't funny how we plan?!

Jodee Leader said...

Love the cupcake stuff you found! I also did a cupcake theme for my daughter's first birthday. I used pink frosting with white pearls. They were soooo cute! If you e-mail me through my profile, I would be happy to share some pictures with you! We love everything cupcake at our house too!

MeganSloan said...

I LOVE the hat! And yes, it needs a pink tutu to just be adorable for pictures. If the ultrasound lady is right and I'm having a girl, I want the cupcake hat and tutu for her! My hubby will just love the overload of girly-ness that is to follow... hehe. :)

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Cute cupcakeness! I'm lovin all your baby goods in the etsy shop too! I'm making a wishlist!

Kim said...

I totally agree! Be watching I have a little confection coming soon!! You are going to LOVE IT!!

Diva Scrapper said...

WOW! Love all the cupcake stuff...and you're in luck I do have a couple of ideas for you..they came through my IN BOX today...follow the link to this blog from PaperWishes...
Hope this helps!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh, my. LOVE the hat.

Now I am craving a cupcake.


Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

Hey! I tagged you over on my blog!
It is kinda fun. I hope you are having a great week.

Amber said...

So SO SO SO so CUTE! All of this. I love it. Shauna did a great job, too.

Whimsical Creations said...

Wonderful finds! I tried clicking on the bracelet one and it links back to the soap. I would love the link.

melanieadey at hotmail dot com

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