Monday, May 24, 2010

Kids Couture T-shirt Tutorial

And now for a Tutorial that you all have been waiting for...with baited breath I'm sure. ;) These instructions will work for for kids shirts, adults shirts, baby clothes, baby onesies, the possibilities are limitless! They make excellent, original gifts, and special clothing items for your own children or yourself.

How to make a Child's Boutique T-shirt:

Materials needed:

Iron on transfer paper, available at your local craft or fabric store.



Thread (A matching or contrasting color for the top stitch, and white for the bobbin)

Fabric (or fabricS) of choice

Sewing Machine

Kids T, Onesie, or desired item to embellish (purse, blanket, ect...)

1) Take your transfer paper and choice of fabric, and iron the fabric onto the transfer paper. I usually cut a small piece of fabric and iron it on, just the size I need for my design. Don't accidentally move your iron OFF of the fabric, or the transfer paper will goo your iron. Icky.

2) I like to cut out the portion that I'm working with. Consider your design to determine the size of fabric needed.

3) Generally, anything you could make a basic outline of is easy to create. You can get more detailed and do something like an animal and layer on its eyes ect. Your choice. I copied the palm tree on this fabric free hand. I like to save the paper backing when I'm done as a future stencil in my stash of design ideas. Draw your design onto the paper backing on the prepped fabric.

4) Proceed to cut out your design

5) Eat your oatmeal (or preferred lunch) while you are working. Because the kids are napping and this is your chance to eat in peace. Plus if you are like me you enjoy doing a million things at once. And if you are like me, it's generally a compulsion that can't be ignored, even if it adds stress to your life, rather than relieves it. I'm referring to multitasking, not eating. Although eating is a compulsion not to be ignored either...

6) Design ready! PEEL OFF PAPER BACKING. Ah the mature voice of experience. I've forgotten this step while distracted or doing multiple shirts, and have ended up ironing longer than needed and wondering WHY the thing won't stick? Oh Duh. (Do you like that use of verbage? Duh? Takes you back to elementary school doesn't it. Again with the maturity here.) Duh duh duh. It can't stick, the paper is still there.

7) Lay out image onto shirt however you want to place it. Centered because you like precision? Go for it. To the side because you like things a little artsy? Sure! Upside down....well...just because you're weird? Why not. I'm not stopping you. Be you. I'm not judging.

8) Iron on according to the instructions on your transfer paper. Although generally I find mine need higher heat and the regular steam setting even if it isn't recommended. But do start by following the instructions first and working from there.

Now, you don't HAVE to do this next step, but don't be scared to try. If you take your time and are careful you CAN do this. If you don't sew your design it will begin to peel after only a few washes. It is worth the time and effort.

9)Top stitch the applique to give it that finished look, and also to hold down the applique during its many washes. If you are new to sewing, take your time, take it easy, and try to sew moderately close to the edges.

The edges will probably fray a tiny bit in the future, which actually looks very cute and vintage-y. If you HATE the thought of that, you can buy a little bottle of Fray-Check at your craft store, and use it around the edges to keep them from fraying at all.

And there you have it! Your own fancy little T! Wal-Mart is an excellent place to find plain t-shirts for a low price. I bought these white ones over a year and a half ago on clearance and got an amazing deal!

Don't forget about my GIVEAWAY for this shirt in a size 4T!! It closes Tuesday night. To enter, comment on the Giveaway post, and for an extra entry mention it when you blog and link to it! (And leave me a comment so that I know you did). =)

Happy creating to you!




Misty said...

Cute! Love the palm tree.

Megan said...

Megan... what a great tutorial! I'll add it to my ever growing list of cool things to make!

Hey, do you think you could invent something to add a few more ours to my day? Hours that children sleep through.... ?

Let me know!

Much love to you!

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Absolutely adorable! And, a great tutorial. You made something I've always been afraid to do sound so simple.



Meredith said...

That's so neat! Once I learn how to use the sewing machine I just HAD to buy the other day, I'm going to try this pattern!

Thanks, Megan!

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