Saturday, January 2, 2010

{As the Sun Sets}

The sun has set on 2009. Unfolding before us is a new year. A fresh start. We make plans, resolutions, determinations to change this or that. Eat less. Do more. And perhaps..."Be more like {insert name here...Julia Child, The Next Door Neighbor, Gandhi, Mother Theresa...}"

I think that the last statement is one where we too often get caught in a trap. It is good to esteem others, learn from their experiences, and take motivation from them to expand our creativity, try a new project, branch out in another area, or use their fabulous ideas. All good things. The trap lies in the subtle change in desire to be inspired by others lives, that can morph into thinking that their life is better than yours and wishing you WERE them.

This morning I found freedom. I felt the gentle whisper in my heart..."You are not meant to be anyone else. You are meant to be YOU." I do not have to feel guilt that I am not in a certian role or positon in ministry- God has not placed me there, it is not something to be at fault for. I was created for this time in history, to be me. To live in my house, in my city, in my state and country.

Oh how freeing. You see, with that comparision of SELF, we can also spiral into fear- "They had to walk through {such and such a trial or difficult time}...It must only be around the corner for ME to walk through also." But this is not true. Yes, anything can happen to anyone. But I will not have to walk through every single trial I hear others are going through! I will walk through my own darkness, yes, but it will be what I can bear, and some difficulty I can handle. If I had to walk through every-single-possible trial, I definately could not handle that.
And so the whisper in my soul continues "Be YOU. Embrace yourself and where I have placed you, and watch what happens. Watch the joy that ensues, the victory you find, the gifts you are given. Give me the freedom and room I need to bless you as I want to bless you."

Oh the joy of our own individuality. And so, I find the freedom to step forward and not envy what another has, looks like, or does. Because we are each blessed, and every one of us is a precious individual, in the life that we have been placed in with great thought and care.

My friends, take the time to resolve to be YOU this year!




Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hello Megan,

What a lovely post and I love what you said ..."You are not meant to be anyone else. You are meant to be YOU." So very true my sweet friend!

I feel much like you...I just want to be the best me I can be!!

Happy New Year to you...I hope it's full of dreams come true.

Love and hugs,

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said... true, so profound! I try to remind myself frequently that I was made for a special purpose, at a special just be ME. We all were!

Beautiful, my friend.

Love you ~ Amanda

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