Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wanna go for a walk with me?

Today we went for a walk in the you want to come along?
We saw an airplane
And Ran really fast!
The sun began to set

Casting an afternoon glow.

Little LaLa squealed while watching her Brother run so fast
Hey We found You!!!

Thank you for taking a walk with us.
We took a little Autumn walk this afternoon. The air was crisp, spirits were high, and the sun was shining its last rays on us.
I had fun taking pictures, but had to put the camera away when I asked my Dear Son "Do you want to walk with me and hold my hand?" "Yes." He said. And I knew then, these moments wont last long. My little boy will want to start acting like a man soon, and one day will blush at the thought of holding his mom's hand. So I zipped up the camera, took his little hand in mine, and we strolled down the path.
His little boy hands...3 years old...and I cannot imagine life without those hands. Sometimes sticky with peanut butter, or grimy with dirt. Lining hotwheels up in a row to 'park' them. Stacking paper towel rolls high in the kitchen. Reaching out to hug his baby sister and pat her on the head.
As we walked up the path on our way home I asked if he wanted to sing me a song. So he began to sing, making it up as we walked along "look at the falls down from leaves..." And then the classic he made up at the beginning of the year "Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Look at the snow and the rain!"
Little LaLa rode shotgun on my hip, squealing at the top of her lungs as her brother ran ahead. Crinkling her little nose in 'that' smile filled with joy.
Its a good life.


Joy said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and for emailing me. I have Willow Tree angels that were my mother's before she passed so I definitely know what they are and I think they're beautiful! Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!

Carolina Mama said...

I am drinking a Venti Iced Coffee SF Vanilla Bean and it needs to be 8 pumps. :) Love your blog too! Thanks for stopping by. Let's keep the "Back to Me " going. It will be on MOndays and I do Win IT wednesday on Wed. :)

Great pictures on your post! They are cuties!

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