Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Last Words Before a Turkey-Stuffing-Potato Inspired Coma

I forgot to post these pictures of a post card I found at the antique store the other day. It is special because of the word "Violets" on it. This is a name that is found in our family, so I had to get it. I plan on framing it. It is from 1910!

The back of the postcard has the date postmarked on it. The letter is from a lady who seems to be corresponding with a friend, telling her she hopes they can visit soon.

It seems special to be able to peek into the past like this. It leaves me wondering about the writer.

I wonder what things I will leave behind for others to find? Hopefully whatever those things are, they will bring smiles and joy to those around them.

Going to Gobble,



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