Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blogging on the Go

 I am in my van sitting outside my sons school, waiting to pick him up. It is a rainy rainy day here in the Northwest! We had so much snow last week, that it is still gracing many lawns and planters, resisting the rains best efforts to wash it away. Eventually it will have to succumb though. In the meantime, I am so thankful for our snow week this year!!

Today I have been thinking about how I can use pregnancy nausea and my health issues as a personal challenge to step up my mothering. For me, this is about loving and disciplining my children well. Not giving up during a time of difficulty. As for the challenge of household duties, we have hired a friend from church to help out around the house. This was before we became pregnant with this little one, because of my inflammatory arthritis and health issues. Some days (ok most, but that sounds like whining) the repetitive motions of folding laundry and doing dishes aggravate my joints in my hands, fingers, and elbows, making them hurt worse and become stiffer. I also become exhausted after a normal round of chores. I am choosing to save my energy for loving on my family, and keeping myself mentally afloat by not getting to the physical breaking point. 

Enough about that though! God gives us the grace we need each day. My choice is to just "survive" or to live with passion! I choose number two!

-just megs


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

MEGAN! It was such a pleasure to see your comment tonight! Your choice is really about the only thing any of us can do, and that is to survive with a smile. I am grateful that at my age, I can enjoy health, so I must take GREAT CARE that I not WHINE about my job, which causes a sort of "pain" in itself at times. It is so easy to slip into a complaining mode, and with the right individuals and for the purpose of hashing out a plan, TALKING about the challenges is helpful. But in the long run, we all have to SURVIVE and like you, I choose to find ways to make the job more pleasant. In your case, it is only right that you get help and then that way you can enjoy your chores. I cannot begin to tell you how important your mom is to me; her friendship is so special to me and I am grateful to GOD for her spirit of joy and grace that she shares with me DAILY.



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